Single & Multi-Lane Closures

For situations that require a work area in an open travel lane, a closure of some type is required.

Storm Traffic Management is experienced in these closures, and our controllers are trained and equipped to perform any closure safely and quickly. Lane closures include shoulder closures, single lane closures, multi lane closures, intersection closures, and pedestrian management.

Barrier Installation

Creating a safe work area can sometimes require more than the standard delineation device. Storm Traffic Management has the resources to provide you with the solution to your Barrier needs.

Water-Filled or Concrete?

When it comes to barriers, you have options. Storm Traffic Management can provide 3 types depending on your needs and based on the following considerations: duration of project, quantity required, anticipated use and location, and ease of installation and move ability.

Service from Start to Finish:

Our service includes transportation & trucking services to and from the job site, installation and placement with a fully operated crane, temporary traffic control during installation and removal activities, crash arrays or attenuators for end treatment as required, supporting signage and delineation, and maintenance and relocation as needed.

Road Closure & Detours

Out traffic control installations can effectively close one or both directions of any roadway. Storm Traffic Management will anticipate the necessary signage and post accordingly.
Advance notification can be in the form of custom information signs, VMS boards and letters or flyers to affected businesses and residents.

Traffic Controllers

Certified and specially trained Storm Traffic Management controllers carry all the necessary equipment to maintain a safe and effective work area for any situation. Second to safety, maintaining a continuous flow of traffic is our priority. Our controllers are trained to maintain that flow by conducting intermittent stoppage of traffic, two way controlling or operating a full-scale multiple controller intersection closure in either a rural or arterial setting.

Full Service & Installation

Storm Traffic Management can perform installations of any size. Whether your project requires a few cones and signs for a single day or a long term major installation, we have the resources to make it work.
As a VicRoads Pre-qualified contractor, we are approved to perform all work-site traffic control services.

Special Events & Filming

Our years of experience in a variety of special events and film projects have taught us what it takes to tackle unique projects.
We handle all aspects of crowd control, limousine and/or valet traffic control, parking, special signs, temporary water-filled barriers, customised directional and information signs (VMS) and many other specialised needs for this demanding industry.
Our established relationships with public agencies allow for efficient permit and planning services to accommodate your next project.


For one-day closures a crew can be provided for the entire shift to monitor the setup, or assist with traffic in or around the work area.
For longer-term projects Storm Traffic Management can provide a maintenance schedule either daily, weekly or on an as-needed basis. Our crew will report on dirty, damaged or missing equipment in addition to any other situation that warrants attention.