Traffic Plans / Engineering

As traffic congestions increases and liability from traffic accidents continues to grow, many companies in Victoria are requiring professionally prepared traffic control plans. These plans are typically required before Local Council / VicRoads will issue a permit, or may be required for a public event.

Storm Traffic can design and produce short and long-term traffic control plans idel for your job. These plans may be for a simple one day lane closure or as complicated as a multi land project that requires road closures and detour routes. Our plans will ensure the safety and efficiency for both your job site and the general public.

Engineered Plans / Site Audits

These plans are site-specific and drawn showing all relevant conditions. Additional time is required to allow for onsite assessment, as well as review by our engineer / auditor. Pricing is dependent upon the project size and requirements.

Permits / Approvals

The days of working on the road without a permit are over. Inspectors will shut down jobs and often place fines against the contractor who is working without permission. We have an extensive database of permit procedures, as well as an established professional relationship with VicRoads departments and Local Council in most areas.